Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan

Rent a CAR for 4 days get ONE night FREE!
Tocoo! is offering a brand new plan for our customers, the "Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan."

If you rent a car for 4 days or more, you will get a one-night stay at a hotel of your choosing from our hotel list for 2 people.

For example, if you were to book a Nissan Wingroad for 4 days and one night in a hotel, you would have to pay 53,336 yen.
With our Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan, you will save max 23000 yen on one night’s stay in a twin room!

You can choose from any of our 278 car rental outlets and 51 hotels across the country in any combination!

Hokkaido (Sappro / Chitose): 3 hotels、Fukushima: 1 hotel、Tochigi (Utsunomiya): 1 hotel、Gunma: 1 hotel、Saitama: 1hotel、Tokyo: 15 hotels、Kanagawa (Yokohama) : 4 hotels、Chiba: 1 hotel、Ishikawa (Kanazawa): 2 hotels、Shizuoka: 2 hotels、Aichi (Nagoya): 3 hotels、Gifu: 1 hotel、Kyoto: 2 hotels、Osaka: 8 hotels、Hyogo (Kobe): 1 hotel、Hiroshima: 1 hotel、Ehime: 1 hotel、Kagoshima: 1 hotel、Okinawa: 2 hotels

→ Hotel Reservation Page*You can also see the full hotel list.

Available Period:May 8, 2018-November 30, 2018
Rental Car:278 Nissan Rent-a-Car outlets across the country
Hotel:There are 51 hotels available to choose from.

Please reserve your rental car via your Free Overnight Stay Plan reservation.
※The Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan will be charged at the rental car outlet.
When you finish your rental car reservation, please choose your hotel from the Hotel Reservation Page.
※ The rental car Reservation Number is required.
※ Please select the location and the hotel.
※ Please enter the day, number of nights, and the number of rooms.
※ Please choose the staying nights including the day of rental car pick up and the day of rental car return.
※ Maximum 3 night stay.
※ The first night is complimentary. You will be charged from the second night onward.
※ You can choose up to a maximum of four (4) rooms from the following options: Single Room or Twin Room.
※ One room (up to two guests) is complimentary. Extra rooms will be charged.
You should receive an email from the hotel within 24 hours.
※ The hotels are reserved on a request basis. Please be aware that you may not be able to reserve your first choice hotel on your desired date.
Reservations made between Monday to Thursday will be confirmed by email within 24 hours.
Reservations made after 18:00 on Fridays or public holidays will be confirmed by 12:00 the next working day
Free Hotel Selection
A one-night stay for two guests (one room) will be free of charge.
※ You can request to increase the nights you stay at the hotel.
※ For reservations with more than one room and/or more than one night, please pay the hotel fee directly to the hotel.
Rental Car Period
You must have a rental car reservation for at least four days to be eligible for the Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan.
Reservation Period
Reservations can be made minimum 6 days ahead of time or up to 180 days (6 months) in advance.
You will still be charged if you cancel your reservation within 6 days of your rental car pickup date. In addition, if your rental car reservation includes a hotel reservation, it will be viewed as a breach of contract and you will be charged a penalty by the hotel.
Please see the Hotel Reservation Form for further information.
If you choose the Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan but do not make the hotel reservation, your reservation will be for the rental car only.
In the event that an accident occurs which causes a non-operation charge (N.O.C.), our company will pay compensation from 20,000 yen to a maximum of 50,000 yen.Within the period of rental car use, the maximum compensation ToCoo! will pay for sudden unexpected accidents (including the time spent outside of the rental car but within the rental period) resulting in death reparations, hospitalization, outpatient care (such as physical disability), solatium, et cetera, separate from any insurance money from a car rental company, is up to 15 million yen. Please read further details in the 「Standard Form Travel Agent Contract-Subscription Type Package Tour Contract Section」. No charges will be made for cancellations within 24 hours of the reservation.
Please complete the hotel reservation after the rental car reservation (you will need your rental car reservation Number).