Hotel Plus ! plan ★Get up to 9,000yen OFF★

Save up to 9,000 Yen by Booking Your Rental Car & Hotel Together

「Hotel Plus! Plan」is a privilege unique to ToCoo! in which you can receive discounts when you book your hotel and rental car reservation at the same time from ToCoo!
Depending on the number of rental days and vehicle class, you can get up to 9,000 yen in cash back!

1. Please make your rental car reservation from the ToCoo! Car Rental site.
2. Please make your hotel reservation from the ToCoo! Hotel Reservation site.
*When you make your hotel reservation, please make sure to use the same email address you used for the rental car reservation.
3. We will send you an email with the rental car discount coupon within 5 days of hotel reservation completion.

Note: discounts will not be accepted in the following cases.
・If the hotel is reserved before the rental car
*If you have already made your hotel reservation, please contact us through our Inquiry Form. We will arrange the discount for you.
・If the email address used for the hotel reservation is different from the email address used for the rental car reservation
・If the discount email does not arrive within 5 days
*If the email address is entered incorrectly, there is a possibility that the discount will not be able to be applied. If you don't receive the discount email within 5 days of hotel reservation completion, please contact us via the Inquiry Form.

◆About the discount
With this plan, the ToCoo! Option fee and rental car fee will be discounted.
After booking the hotel, we will send you an email notifying you of the discount applied to the registered e-mail address. The discount of the ToCoo! Option will be automatically discounted from the fee you reserved.
Since the discount coupon is displayed in the e-mail notifying the application of the discount for the rent-a-car discount, please print or show the coupon from a smartphone at the counter. The discount will be applied when you pick up the car.
※ The discounted amount depends on the number of rental days, vehicle type, etc.

◆Other conditions and notes
・The hotel reservation must be completed at least 7 days in advance of the rental car start date.
・For the discount to be applicable, the reserved hotel dates must be within 2 days of the rental car start or end date.
・The hotel and rental car reservations must be cancelled separately. If applicable, the cancellation fee will also be charged separately.
・If the hotel reservation is cancelled or no-show, the discount will not be applied. If you do not stay at the hotel you reserved but use the rental car discount coupons anyway, we will charge the discounted amount to the registered credit card.