★ Ski & Snowboard Plan 2018-19 ★

★ Ski & Snowboard Plan 2018-19 ★
The ski and snowboard season we've all been waiting for has arrived!
Japan's ski slopes are renowned around the world.
There are plenty of courses tailored for skiers and snowboarders, from beginner to experienced.
You can only experience the highest grade powder snow, along with hot springs, Japanese cuisine, and beautiful winter scenery at Japan's snow resorts.
Japan has the best environment in the world to enjoy winter sports.
ToCoo! has made a rental car plan to help you enjoy winter sports in Japan!

【Plan Details】
Snow tires, rental ETC card included
《Point 1》Guaranteed snow tires
You're going to need snow tires to drive up to a ski resort. ToCoo! is the only place where you can guarantee snow tires for your rental car!
*Snow tires will either be included in the total price of the plan, or shown separately as a required option with an additional fee.

《Point 2》Free ETC card rental
Most people visiting Japan from abroad rent their cars from the airport, but in that case, you'll need to use the expressways to get to the ski resorts.
*The expressway fees will be charged to the registered credit card after the ETC card is returned to us.
※Please note that some plans do not include free ETC cards.

《Point 3》2,000 yen off online coupon included
*2,000 yen online coupon for the rental car fee is already included (Nissan Rent a Car ONLY)

【Applicable Rental Car Companies and Areas】

■Nissan Rent a Car
Hokkaido: all outlets
Tohoku: all outlets
Chiba: Narita Airport
Tokyo: Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport, Shinjuku Station, etc
Kanagawa: Yokohama Station, Kawasaki Station, etc
Tochigi: Nikko Station, Nasushiobara Station
Aichi: Chubu International Airport, Nagoya Station, etc
Osaka: Kansai Airport, Namba OCAT, Umeda Maru Building, etc

■Budget Rent a Car
Hokkaido: all outlets
Miyagi: Sendai Airport
Chiba: Narita Airport

【Applicable Period】
December 1, 2018 to March 30, 2019 (rental car start date)

【Recommended Ski Resorts】
※Some ski resorts have special offers available!
Click here for details

Feel free to refer to this eBook all about Japan's ski resorts.

→ Snow Resort Japan*You can also see the full book.