ToCoo! Expressway Pass Kyushu Plan

The ToCoo! Expressway Pass (TEP) Kyushu is an exclusive service that gives you unlimited use of all of Kyushu's expressways, using the rental ToCoo! ETC card. We recommend this plan for travelers heading to the Kyushu area.
*Cheaper than the standard TEP Plan which covers all of Japan
*Covers all expressways and toll roads with ETC gates

【TEP Kyushu Advantages】
1. Unlimited use of expressways for a fixed rate from 1-20 days!
2. No need to speak Japanese at toll booths, so it's easy to use the expressways!
3. No need to pay cash at the toll booth. You can save time by passing through the toll gates!

【ETC Card Pickup Location】
For TEP Kyushu specially, we are able to offer rental car outlet pickup for the ToCoo! ETC card! All you have to do is receive your package from the rental car outlet staff and insert the ETC card into the ETC card reader device already installed in the rental car.
※ If you don't receive your ToCoo! ETC card from the rental car staff first, please tell them that you are using the ToCoo! ETC card.

【Coverage Area】
All expressways and toll roads with ETC gates in Kyushu (including Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto, Saga, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, and Miyazaki prefectures).
※ Any toll fees used outside of Kyushu would be charged separately.

【Available Rental Car Brand】
Budget Rent a Car

【Available Rental Car Outlets (16 Outlets)】
Fukuoka Airport International Terminal
Kagoshima Airport
Miyazaki Airport
Hakata Eki Chikushiguchi
Hakata Ekimae
Hakata Gion
Oita Airport
Kumamoto Airport
Kokura Ekimae
Kumamoto Ekimae
Saga Ekimae
Kagoshima Chuo Ekimae
Nagasaki Airport
Kita-Kyushu Airport

【Daily Rates】
1 day: 4,500 yen
2 days: 5,000 yen
3 days: 5,500 yen
4 days: 6,500 yen
5 days: 7,500 yen
6 days: 8,500 yen
7 days: 9,500 yen
8 days: 10,500 yen
9 days: 11,500 yen
10 days: 13,000 yen
11 days: 13,500 yen
12 days: 15,000 yen
13 days: 16,500 yen
14 days: 18,000 yen
15 days: 19,500 yen
16 days: 21,000 yen
17 days: 22,500 yen
18 days: 24,000 yen
19 days: 26,500 yen
20 days: 28,000 yen

*The rental car company's ETC card CANNOT be used for the ToCoo! Expressway Pass Kyushu. You MUST use the ToCoo! ETC card to use TEP Kyushu.
*You cannot extend the rental period during your trip.
*We will charge you the regular toll fee after the reservation date ends (maximum TEP usage is 20 days).
*You cannot lend the ETC card to others.
*Even if another person uses the ETC card, the toll fees which the other person incurred will be charged to your registered credit card.
*ToCoo! will not bear any responsibility for the traffic restrictions by the road administrators.
*Reservations can be accepted at the very latest by 5 days before pickup date.
(*Due to COVID-19, we are currently closing the TEP reservation before 21 days before your car pickup date.)

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