ToCoo! ETC Card Plan

The ToCoo! ETC Card Plan offers a FREE rental ETC card for you to use for your journey. Your actual used toll fees would be charged to the registered credit card after the ToCoo! ETC card is returned to us.

You can book the ToCoo! ETC Card Plan between 5 business days after today's date and up to 80 days in advance.
※Pickup is ONLY available at an airport post office or your hotel. Free shipping included!

【Important Notes】
The ToCoo! ETC card can NOT be used for any expressway passes (Hokkaido Expressway Pass, Kyushu Expressway Pass, Central Nippon Expressway Pass, ToCoo! Expressway Pass, etc). If you would like to use an expressway pass, please make a reservation from the exclusive expressway pass page.

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