Cange & Cancel Form

This is Change & Cancel Form for reservation confirmed through Customize system.
*ToCoo reservation number starts with the letter RC. No alteration is allowed for the reservation number starts from TC.

Fill out the Change & Cancel Form

  • Cancellation fee is automatically charged on the registered credit card according to the cancel policy below,
    in case you cancel the confirmed reservation. (including No Show)
  • Reservation will be automatically cancelled if you are late more than 1 hour for the scheduled pick up time.
    Please be sure to contact the outlet directly to tell the estimated arrival time, in case you are late for the pick-up.
  • We can only accept Cancellation/Alteration by 16:00 Japan time ONE (business) DAY BEFORE your pick up date, and we are closed on weekend and Japanese National Holiday.
    In case passing that deadline, please inform the outlet directly.
  • The time/date you cancel is considered according to when we process cancellation request form during business hours. Not according to the time/date that you sent the mail.
  • The requests received after operating hours will be handled during the next business day.
  • If cancellation request reaches after 16:00 Japan time of one business day before the pick up date,
    it is considered as the cancellation on the day of pick up.
  • Cancellation charge will be charged according to the cancel policy,even in case you switch to other car rental brand.
  • No cancellation charge is required if you cancel the reservation within 24 hours after the reservation is confirmed(even it is within 7days before your pickup date).
  • We can accept Cancellation/Alteration request ONLY via Change & Cancel Form below.
Date of Cancellation Cancellation Fee
(Car Rental Fee)
Cancellation Fee
(ToCoo! Option Fee)
Up to 7 days prior to your car pick-up Free Free
Between 3-6 days prior to your car pick-up 20% of the car rental fee (up to 6,480 yen/per booking) Non Refundable
100% of ToCoo! Option Fee
Between 1-2 days prior to your car pick-up 30% of the car rental fee (up to 6,480 yen/per booking)
On the day of your car pick-up 50% of the car rental fee (up to 6,480 yen/per booking)
  • *Cancellation fee will be charged to the registered credit card.
  • *Cancel within 24 hours, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • *If there is no cancellation fee, ToCoo! options fee will be refunded to the registered credit card. It could take up to a few month to process as there are many numbers of steps involved in the refund process and it is an overseas transaction. We appreciate if you could contact your credit card company directly.
*View/Cancel a Reservation&Flight Delay*
Please submit Form filling your request.
*Please check above mentioned conditions before submitting.
*Please contact us through this page for reconfirmation and cancellation of Custmize Request and in case of the flight delay.
*There may be a case that the change request can not be confirmed.
*English ONLY.
Registered E-mail Address
Reference Number (RC000000)
*No alteration is allowed for the reservation number starts from TC.
Pick Up Date
Delay time About hours delay
*Your reservation would be cancelled if you delay over one hour without any notice even in case of flight delay.
Flight number *Please fill this in if your flight is changed.
*Please ONLY fill in conditions wish to be altered.
Conditions to be changed AFTER Alteration
Pick Up Date
Return Date
Pick Up Outlet
Return Outlet
Car Class
Number of Cars  
Number of Passengers
  • Adults  
  • Children: under 1yr.  
  • 1yr. to 4yr.  
  • 4yr. to 5yr.  
Add options
Delete options
Other Requests

[Notice of flight delay]
※Please fill in the colomns below and send the form to usin case of flight delay.
Then, we can respond to the case promptly.
Though we cannot deal with the situation on weekends and Japanese national holidays,
staffs at a car rental shop should check delayed flights and wait for you until close time of an outlet.
There is not cancellation charge for the case of flight delay.

[Confirmation of the reservation]
※Please fill in the colomns below and send the form to us.
We will send a confirmation email within 24 hours.
In case that we receive your email on weekends and Japanese national holidays, we send a confirmation email after 10:00 on next business day.

*Please enter the details of the option name and amount you wish to alter in the Change & Cancel Form.
*If you have any other request that is not listed, please contact us via& Inquiry Form.

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