What is ETC?

ETC is Electronic Toll Collection, the system to record expressway toll automatically.
You can drive through the toll gate without paying toll each time, if the car has ETC inserted ETC card.
The toll can be paid later according the record.

Advantage of ETC


- You can drive through the toll gate without stopping to pay the toll.
 (however slowing down is necessary)
- There is no need to prepare money to pay the toll.
- There is no need to wait in a line for the CASH gate.
- You can get various discount by using ETC, according respective conditions.

For example;
* Weekend,Holiday Special Discount
* Holiday Night Time Special Discount
* Late Night Discount
* Day Time Discount
* Weekday Night Discount
 For more discount details, please refer to Nexco Japanese website.

How to use ETC

Check for ETC lanes first!

A car with ETC device(inserted ETC card) is required.
To use ETC(Electronic Toll Collection), ETC card is necessary.
The required data is transmitted by radio between an antenna on the tollgate and onboard ETC.   ETC card contains the required data, it should be inserted properly into ETC.

With a car with ETC ,you can pass through lanes designated as ETC (indicated with the sign: ETC only) or lanes designated for both ETC cars and cash payment cars(indicated with the sign: ETC / normal). The signs of ETC only and ETC / normal are on the top of the respective lanes.

Check the points before you use ETC

  1. Is your ETC card inserted properly?
    The gate won't open unless you properly insert ETC card into ETC.When getting into your car, insert ETC card correctly into ETC and ensure that it is working properly.
  2. Be sure to keep your speed slower than 20km/h.
    Keep slower than 20km/h. due to avoid accidents. The gate may not be opened due to transmittance error, or the car before you may suddenly stop.
  3. Keep a safe distance between your car and the car ahead when entering the ETC lane.
    Vehicles in front of your car might stop suddenly.
  4. Never reverse
    Never back even if the gate does not open.Going back may cause rear-end collisions with the following cars or hitting toll gate staff. Please remain there and wait for a gate staff to come.
  5. Never enter an ETC lane when its signal light is red.
    Red sign on the top of the gate means that it is not available now.

Rent ETC Card

To use ETC, ETC card(specialized IC card) is necessary.
ToCoo offer ETC card rental.

For more information please see HERE.

How to have a car with ETC device.

ETC device is an option.
Please check the option box in application form.

How to have a car with ETC device.

ETC card is an option. Please check the option box in application form.
Unless you book ETC card beforehand, it can not be offered.

You should obey the regulations on ETC enforced according the law, when you use ETC.
In case you do not obey them, ETC card rental option can not be provided.