COMING SOON! ToCoo! Snow Tire Plan 2019-2020

ToCoo! is getting our Snow Tire Plan for 2019-2020 ready.
 We will start accepting reservations for the plan in the
middle of September.

※Snow tires cannot be added as an option, and cannot be added to a reservation. Please make a reservation from the Snow Tire Plan. From November to April in Hokkaido and December to March in the Tohoku area, all cars reserved in heavy snow zones will have snow tires as standard equipment, so all available plans already have snow tires.

Winter Driving in Japan
1. Snowy areas and seasons
2. What are snow tires?
3. Driving on snowy roads
4. ToCoo! Snow Tire Plan

1. Snowy areas and seasons

Japan is long in the north and south, so depending on the region, the climate can be very different.
When you rent a car, you need to pay attention to the places and times you want to visit and reserve snow tires as necessary.

※All rental cars in areas with heavy snow consistently every year have snow tires equipped as standard, even without the snow tire plan.

■ Heavy snow zone (area where snow is heavy during the winter, snow tires are standard equipment)
Snowfall estimate: November – April (Hokkaido), December – March (other than Hokkaido)
■ Moderate snow zone (snow falls several times during winter; snow tires may be necessary)
Snowfall estimate: December – March
■ Snow zone (possibility of snowfall once or twice a year; snow tires may be necessary)
Snowfall estimate: December – March
■ No-snow zone (area where snow does not fall)
※Even in areas where it does snow much, there is a high possibility of snowfall in mountain areas where the altitude is high.


2. What are snow tires?
A snow tire is a type of tire that can drive without slipping on snowy roads. Since the groove of the tire is deep and the rubber is soft, it is possible to drive even on a frozen road. But don’t let your guard down! It’s like driving on ice, so you need to always be cautious of sliding.

3. Driving on snowy roads
Warning ① Don’t speed
Warning ② Accelerate slowly and calmly
Warning ③ Be careful of sliding on curves
Warning ④ Put more distance than usual between you and other cars
Warning ⑤ Only change lanes if you need to
Warning ⑥ Even if you don’t see snow, be cautious of frozen roads (black ice)

Even if snow is not piled up on the road, it reflects light.
It seems like there is no snow at first glance and it seems to be dry, but this is because the road is frozen.
Be careful because you may slide more than on snow. Slow down for curves.
To stop, you need to use the brakes considerably earlier than usual.

4. ToCoo! Snow Tire Plan 2019-2020

Coming Soon!

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  1. Please do let me know when the Snow Tire plan is out. I am going to travel to Fuji and Nagano area in December

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