ToCoo! is known as the largest car rental reservation site for foreign visitors.

  1. 33 car rental companies (1,638 outlets) are available, also, our rental car inventory has been registered 67,000 units per day all over Japan! You can book anytime, anywhere online through ToCoo!.

    • NIPPON Rent A Car
    • Nissan Rent a Car
    • Times Car Rental
    • BUDGET Rent A Car
    • TOYOTA Rent a Car
    • Orix Rent A Car
    • JR Hokkaido Car Rental
    • Sky Rent A Car
    • JR Kyushu Car Rental
    • J-net Rent A Car
  2. The website is available in English, Chinese, and Korean. We will reply you within 24 hours in each language.

  3. We will support your trip by various options.

    • Wi-Fi Rental
    • SIM
    • ETC Card Rental
    • Telephone translator support
    • Snow Tire


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