Safety Tips: Must-Have App for Travelers in Japan

Do you know what to do in a natural disaster when you’re on vacation?
In a foreign country with unfamiliar customs, culture, and no climate intuition, it can be hard to know what to do in case of trouble. We’re introducing a new app that can help foreign tourists to go safely even in case of emergency.

The app has the following functions.

外国人旅行者向け災害時情報提供アプリ「Safety tips」を大幅に機能向上しました!

Safety Tips

5 Supported Languages: English・Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)・Korean・Japanese

Supported OS
・Android 5.0 or later
・iOS 9.0 or later

✓ Push notifications for emergency earthquake announcements, tsunami warnings, special weather alerts, and volcanic eruption information

✓ Foreigner-friendly medical facility information (information is from the Japanese government tourism office)

✓ Advanced information (details on each type of disaster, first aid methods, etc.)

✓ Evacuation recommendations and instructions

✓ Weather forecast

✓ Earthquake information

✓ Volcanic eruption warnings

✓ Heat stroke advisories

✓ Evacuation shelter information

✓ Transportation information

✓ Medical facility information

✓ Emergency contact information (110, 119, one-click dial embassy phone numbers)

Below is the home screen of the Safety Tips app.

There are many useful functions in case of a natural disaster.

There are explanations for each type of disaster, as well as what to do when right after an event, so please download it so you can travel with confidence.

You can download the app from the QR code below.
QRコード(For iPhone) QRコード(For Android)
For iPhone    For Android

If the QR code doesn’t work, please use the following URL.

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