Introduction of Tocoo! ETC Card and Notes on Renting Tocoo! ETC Card

The ETC card is a service that most Japanese people use when using the expressway.

In addition to not having to stop and use cash to pay when passing the expressway gate, you can also get some discounts on the toll.

If you want to use this service when you are traveling by car in Japan, please be sure to read this article and make the ETC card reservation together with the car rental reservation!


All ToCoo! rental cars are automatically equipped with an ETC equipment / ETC card reader.

But please note that the ETC equipment/ETC card reader is just a machine installed on the car to read the ETC card, and does not include the ETC card inside.

Therefore, if you need an ETC card, please make a reservation together with the car rental reservation.


Detailed explanation of ETC card reservation method:

  • Only accept ETC card reservation within 14 days to 60 days before the car pick-up date
    Due to the time required to arrange delivery, our ETC card can only be applied for together with the car rental reservation 14 days before the car pick-up date


  • Here, we are going to explain how to add ToCoo! ETC card as an option when you make the reservation:
    1.  Once you find a car that you want to book, press “book now”.

    2.  Select the options you want to add and then press “next”.

    3. Fill in your information.

    4. Select “ETC card rental” at the【ToCoo! Options】column.

    5. Fill in your payment details and then press “confirm”.

  • When making a reservation, you can click the “?” icon to view more information about the ETC card rental service.
  • There is also a detailed explanation of the ETC card deposit under the words “【Tocoo! Options】”.

Detailed explanation of how to pick up and return the ETC card:

  • About the locations where ETC cards can be picked up
    Since Tocoo! is only an online car rental agency, not a car rental company that rents cars directly to customers, if customers reserve an ETC card through us, we will need to mail the ETC card to you.

    However, because the car rental shop does not accept parcel delivery service, we can only send it to the designated Airport Convenience store. We hope you will be able to understand.


  • About how to select where to pick up your ETC card
    Here, we are going to explain how to select where to collect your ETC card when you make the reservation:
  1. After selecting the option of ” ETC card rental”, the display of “Pickup Location” will appear under ” Add options”

  2. Please confirm the default pickup location.
    If you want to pick up at the default pick up location, just complete the reservation
    If you want to pick up at a location other than the default pickup location, please tick “Change delivery location”

  3. You can choose another designated Airport Convenience store, and then fill in your information.

  4. Press “Confirm” to confirm your reservation


  • ToCoo! Options are not available to pick up at Rental Car Outlet. You can pick up your ToCoo! Options at Convenience Stores that ToCoo! designated.
  • If the ToCoo! Option package are not received due to an incorrect name, email address, or delivery store, the customer is responsible.
  • When you pick up your ToCoo! Option Package, you will need the QR Code link that ToCoo! sent to you. When you present it at the Convenience Store counter, you can pick up ToCoo! Option Package.


  • About the ETC card pick up date

Since we need to ensure that the customer only uses the ETC card during the rental period, we can only send the ETC card before the customer’s car pickup date.

This means that we can only ensure that you can pick up the ETC package on the day or the day before your car pick-up date.

If you need to ensure that you can pick up the ETC card in advance, you can apply for early use of the ETC card. Then there will be an additional fee for the ETC card.

The additional rental fee for the ETC card is 330 JPY / day.

If necessary, please contact us through the inquiry form.


After completing the reservation application, usually we will send the parcel (your ToCoo options) to the location you specified three days before your car pick-up date.
Also, usually the post office will be able to deliver it to the designated location as early as the day before.
However, it cannot depend on the promise of the post office, there may be delays, please understand.
A QR Code link will be emailed to you after delivery.


  • About how to return the ETC card

For returning the ToCoo! ETC card,

*Please be sure to take out the ETC card when returning the car.
there is an instruction manual and postage-paid, pre-addressed return envelope included in the package.

Please put the ToCoo! ETC card in the envelope enclosed in your package, then post it from any post box or post office in Japan.
After using the ETC card, please be sure to mail it to us within the return date, if it is not returned on the scheduled date, an extra fee will be charged.
The return date is from the day the car is returned to the day after the car is returned.

For more details, please read the following page:



  • For the ETC card of the car rental company

You can also rent the ETC card from the car rental company on the pick-up day.

But please note that their ETC card does not have the expressway pass.

They generally have ETC cards for rent, but we cannot guarantee that they will have ETC cards in stock on the day you pick up the car.

We also cannot make reservations or purchase the ETC card of the car rental shop for you,

because the ETC card of the car rental company is not our product, please forgive us.


  • For the KEP ,CEP, HEP etc.

Unfortunately, KEP, CEP, HEP etc. all of the Expressway Pass offered by NEXCO Japan are not for purchase at TOCOO! now.

We only have TEP and ToCoo! Unlimited ETC Pass.

If you need KEP, CEP, HEP etc., please make a reservation without an ETC card.

Then check with your rental car shop to see if they can provide it.


If they can provide it, you may need to rent their ETC card.

So, please make a reservation without an ETC card.


However, we cannot guarantee all the rental car stores can provide you with the Expressway Pass.

And since it is not our product, we are sorry that we cannot book it for you.



If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form.

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