About how to make a reservation This article will solve it!

Have you ever had a problem with the Want to rent a car but don’t know where to start? Found a car you want to rent and want to add options to reserve but don’t know where to add?
This article is for customers who are having trouble booking And We will tell you for renting a car on the ToCoo! website!
Please read to the end and refer to it when making a reservation~

Table of Contents
1.How to search
-Search procedure
2.Plan description
3.How to make a Reservation
-How to add Tocoo! option

First, let’s learn from 1. [How to search]!

Please refer to the article below for How to use ToCoo! SEARCH System.

The【How to search】introduced in this article uses【Filter Search】to search and give examples.
First of all, when you enter the ToCoo! website, the screen below will be displayed.

When you see this screen, select the date/location/car you want to reserve and search for rental cars that you can rent.
As an example of this search, we will search with the following reservation details.
・Pick up/Return date:Sep 16, 2023
・Pick up/Return area:New-Chitose Airport
・Car Class:Mini-van

If you enter the above search contents, the following screen will be displayed.

The search procedure is below.
1.Select the date/time you want to pick up car in the【Pick up】field. For example, select Sep 16, 2023

2.Select the place where you want to pick up car at【Pick up】field An example would be New Chitose Airport. So, select “New Chitose Airport” in the【Airport】field.
If you want to pick up car at another airport outlet, please search for the airport name and select it.
If you want to ride in a place other than the airport outlet, click on【Area】and select【prefecture】and【Area】

3.Select the date/time you want to return car in the【Return】field. For example, select Sep 16, 2023

4.Select the place where you want to return car at【Return】field.
If you want to return the car at the same place as the pick-up place, please click【Same as pick up】
If you want to return the car at an airport outlet, click【Airport】, search for the name of the airport you want to return to, and select it.
If you want to return the car to a place different from the pick-up place, click on【Area】and select【prefecture】and【Area】

5.Please select【Car Class】in【Other Options】 For example, select a minivan.

6.If there is an option you want, select the option you want in the【Options】field.
>To get more search results, you don’t have to select.
There are currently no selections for snow tire options on our site. If you want it, please contact us after booking.

7.If there is a plan you want, please select the plan you want in the【Choose Plan】field. Please check【2. Plan description】for each plan description.
>To get more search results, you can search with【All Plans】as is.

8.After selecting search conditions, click【Find car deals】

After searching with the above procedure, the search results screen will be displayed.

You can select【Choose Car Rental Brand】【Capacity】【Price】on this site.
The procedure is below.
1.Search once with the conditions you want to search
2.After that,clicking the 【Edit Filters】 button on the top right.
3.The search screen will come up again with the words 【Choose Car Rental Brand】【Capacity】【Price】

When the search screen appears, you can select【Choose Car Rental Brand】【Capacity】【Price】

About【Choose Car Rental Brand】
You can select the desired car rental company by clicking on the company logo that appears.
If the car rental company you want is not available, it is likely that the rental car company you want is not available for that rental period/area.

After following the steps above, the following screen will appear.

If you search with the desired conditions and the following screen is displayed, there are two possible things to consider.
①It is thought that there is no car inventory.
②It is possible that the period you want to reserve is not yet available for reservation.
The description is below.

If your desired car return date is not within 6 months of today’s date, no cars will be available.
You will be able to book if the rental car return date is within 6 months of today’s date.
For example, if you want to make a reservation on August, you will be able to make the reservation from March

Get to know our website plans!
【Plan description】

The plans listed in the【Choose Plan】section are as follows.
・Nissan Full Coverage Plan
・Early Bird Pay Now 【Cancel Charge from 20%】
・Nippon Rent-A-Car Original Promotion(15%OFF)
・Full Coverage Plan
・ToCoo! Japan Traveler Support Plan
・ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan(TEP)
・Snow Tire Plan

However, there are four main plans that you can choose from on our site.

・Nissan Full Coverage Plan
This plan is a plan that includes compensation.
Please see the following URL for more information.

・Early Bird Pay Now 【Cancel Charge from 20%】
This plan is a plan that if you book before 60 90 120 before the car pick up date, you can get a maximum 20% discount on rental fees.
And there will be a 20% cancellation fee 24 hours after booking.
Please see the following URL for more information.

・ToCoo! Japan Traveler Support Plan
This plan is a plan with insurance + MAPCODE information service provided.
Please see the following URL for more information.

・ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan(TEP)
The ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan (TEP) lets you enjoy unlimited use of all of Japan’s expressways for a one-time, prepaid fee.
We will send the ToCoo! ETC card to use for TEP to either your hotel,your original home in your country or a post office, including airport post offices. (A ToCoo! ETC card is MANDATORY if you would like to use TEP. You cannot use TEP without a ToCoo! ETC card.)
The TEP plan includes the ETC card rental fee, and the TEP fee would be charged to your registered credit card at booking as part of the ToCoo! options fee when the reservation is completed. The TEP fee is not included in the rental car fee since TEP is provided by ToCoo, not the rental car companies.
Please see the following URL for more information on TEP.

The following plans can be selected during the winter season.

・Snow Tire Plan
This is a plan with snow tires included in the plan.
This plan is available in winter, but not in all regions. Most of the regions are mainly Hokkaido and Tohoku region.
If you can’t find this plan and want snow tires, please contact us after booking.

Once the search results are displayed, select your favorite car/plan. Then, let’s proceed to [ Reservation ]!
Here is the progress of [How to make a Reservation].

First, select the Plan you like, and then please click [Book Now].

After clicking [Book Now], the following screen will be displayed.
On this screen ([1.Car Info]), you can add options which are from car rental outlet. (e.g. child seat, compensation coverage)
If you want to add car rental outlet options, please click [Add] which is placed right side of the option that you want to add. If you don’t want to add it, click [Remove].
For example, we are added a child seat option in this image.
* In this screen, Prices displayed that tax is exincluded *

After finishing ro add any options, click [Next] to go to the next page.

After clicking [Next], the below screen ([2.Details]) will be displayed.
This page has list for fill out information of [Reservation Details], [Customer Information], and [Payment Details].
Please enter the required information according to the instructions.
* In this screen, Prices displayed that tax is included *
*There are two payment methods. ①Pay in advance by credit card and ②Pay when you pick up the car.
However, since the payment methods that are available at each car rental store are different, some stores only have ①Pay in advance by credit card OR ②Pay when you pick up the car.
If you can select the payment method, the options for [Pay when you pick up the car] and [Pay in advance by credit card] will be displayed under [Payment Method].
If it cannot be selected, it will be displayed as shown in the picture below.

*About ToCoo! option
Please check the [- How to add Tocoo! option] part for adding ToCoo! Option.
If you need Tocoo! option, please add it when you make a reservation.
Tocoo! option cannot be added after a reservation is confirmed.
If you want to add Tocoo! option after a reservation is confirmed, cancellation and re-book is required.

When you finish to fill out【2.Details】of Reservation Steps, clickConfirmfor the next page.

When you click【Confirm】【3.Confirm】will be displayed.

You can check the reservation information at【3.Confirm】If you finish to check, please click confirmed.
※Reservations have not yet been completed on this page.

If you finished to information of reservation, please go to【4.Finish】
When this page is displayed, the reservation will be completed.

After the reservation is confirmed, ToCoo! will send you an email of [[ToCoo!] Reservation Confirmation].
You can check the reservation details and notes in this e-mail.

Or you can check the reservation on following URL.

Please log in using the email and password you registered when you made your account on the ToCoo! Member login page.
Guests (Non-members)
Please log in using the reservation number and password from your 【ToCoo!】 Reservation Confirmation email.

Forgot your password?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form. (English available)

-How to add Tocoo! option
You can addToCoo! Optionsfrom [Customer Information] which is placed in Reservation steps of [2.Details].
If you want to add ToCoo! option, click the name of that option.
Example: In the photo below, we click [ETC card rental]. Then you can see check mark will appear.
Do not click any option that you do not want to add.

※If you book a car via ToCoo, T.A.S. is mandatory for your booking (there are no exceptions). T.A.S. provides coverage for NOC (non-operation charge) and towing fees.
※Adding ETC card and Wi-Fi router option is available *only 14 days before the pick up date

If you select the ETC card and Wi-Fi router option, the [Pickup Location] item will be displayed

※Basically, if you select the ETC card ETC card and Wi-Fi router option, the destination of the option will automatically be [Airport post office] first. (If the boarding location is an airport store)

If it is difficult to pick up at the [Airport post office], you can change the address.
If you want to change it, please go to [Change delivery location] at [Pickup Location].
→If you want to change the delivery address, click [Change delivery location].
After clicking, a check mark will be added to [Change delivery location] like the picture.

ETC card parcel pick up location can be chosen from the below 3 choices in the application form.
*Your hotel(excluding Air B&B)
*Post office anywhere including nearby your hotel or the pick up outlet
*Your original home address in your country (Extra charge 2000JPY)

※Since the Wi-Fi main unit is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it cannot be shipped overseas. If you use the Wi-Fi option, please specify the receipt at the post office or hotel(in japan).

We regret to inform you that we are not able to offer delivery to a rental car outlet.
Car rental outlets do not receive the parcel including ETC card or Wi-Fi router ,since it is a valuable item.
They do not take any responsibility to receive/keep a valuable item.”

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