Difference between ToCoo! option and rental car company option

During the reservation process, many customers find it difficult to distinguish between ToCoo! options and the rental car company’s options.
So, this time we would like to explain the differences clearly and introduce how to tell them apart.
Please read to the end and refer to it when making a reservation~

Table of Contents
① Difference between ToCoo! option and rental car company option
②Explanation of ToCoo! options and rental car company option
-ToCoo! options
-Rental car company option
③How to Check Options

①Difference between ToCoo! option and rental car company option

There is only one difference between the options between ToCoo! and the rental car company.
Rental car options can only be rented at car rental company/outlet.
On the other hand, ToCoo! options can only be reserved/rented through ToCoo!.

ETC cards can be rented at rental car outlet and ToCoo!.
Please note that some outlet do not lend out ETC card
However, the deadline for reservations with ToCoo! is 14 days before the pick up date.

②Explanation of ToCoo! options and rental car company option
We will list down any options for Toku and rental car companies. Please refer to this when making a reservation.

-ToCoo! options

If you book a car via ToCoo, T.A.S. (ToCoo Additional Support) is mandatory for your booking (there are no exceptions).
T.A.S. provides coverage for NOC (non-operation charge) and towing fees.
For more information on T.A.S., please see the following URL.

・ETC card rental
It’s a card that can be used with the ETC system. If you use the ETC system, you don’t need to understand Japanese, you don’t need to use cash, and you don’t have to stop at toll gates, so it’s a very convenient system.
You can check about ToCoo! ETC Card below

・ToCoo! Expressway Pass (TEP)
The ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan (TEP) lets you enjoy unlimited use of all of Japan’s expressways for a one-time, prepaid fee.
(A ToCoo! ETC card is MANDATORY if you would like to use TEP. You cannot use TEP without a ToCoo! ETC card.)
The TEP plan includes the ETC card rental fee, and the TEP fee would be charged to your registered credit card at booking as part of the ToCoo! options fee when the reservation is completed. The TEP fee is not included in the rental car fee since TEP is provided by ToCoo, not the rental car companies.
Please see the following URL for more information on TEP.

・ToCoo! Unlimited ETC Pass
ToCoo! ETC Unlimited Pass is an expressway pass that gives you unlimited use of all of Japan’s expressways for a fixed price offered by ToCoo!
It includes a ToCoo! ETC card.
The ToCoo! ETC Unlimited Pass fee is not included in the car rental fee, but in the ToCoo! options fee.
Please see the following page for details:

・Wi-Fi router rental
Wi-Fi router rental offered by ToCoo!
Please see the following page for details:

-Rental car company option

It is installed in almost all Rental Cars. However, please make sure, if GPS is not written in [1. Car Info], the car may not be equipped GPS Option.
Please check the Rental Car that you want to reserve has GPS OR not when you make a reservation.

・ETC Card Reader Device
ETC Card Reader Device is a device to insert an ETC card.
ETC card reader is set for all the cars.
regrettably it is an EMPTY device without ETC card.

・Compensation Coverage
Compensation coverage, also sometimes called immunity insurance, or CDW (collision damage waiver), covers the Compensation fee for property damage and Rental car damage.
It is provided by the rental car companies.
You can see more information on Compensation Coverage from the following URL.

・Child Seats(Baby Seat,Junior Seat,Child Seat)
If you have a child under 6 years old, please be sure to book child seat option beforehand.
You can check more detail via link below.

・Winter Tires
The Winter Tires option is an Option provided by the Rental Car Company. Please make sure, Winter Tires must be reserved in advance.
Or, if you make a Rental Car Reservation with the Winter Tires Plan, the Rental Car will definitly come with WInter Tires.

③How to Check Options
From now on, Here is some tips to check the Options between ToCoo! Options and Rental Car Company Options.

-Rental car company option
Rental Car Company Options are placed under [1.Car Info] on the Reservation Steps Page.
If you want to add car rental outlet options, please click [Add] which is placed right side of the option that you want to add. If you don’t want to add it, click [Remove].
For example, we are added a child seat option in this image.

-ToCoo! options
ToCoo! Options is placed under [Customer Information] in [2.Details] on the Reservation Steps Page.
At the List of [ToCoo! Options], you can add ToCoo! Option that you want.
→ If you want to add ToCoo! option, click the name of that option.
Example: In the photo below, we click [ETC card rental]. Then you can see check mark will appear.
→ Do not click any option that you do not want to add.

※About ToCoo! option

You can check How to add Tocoo! option via link below.
If you need Tocoo! option, please add it when you make a reservation.
Tocoo! option cannot be added after a reservation is confirmed.
If you want to add Tocoo! option after a reservation is confirmed, cancellation and re-book is required.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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