Insurance Rental Car Insurance Information

If you are involved in an accident, you are insured up to the amount of coverage limits given below.
*Below are only standard amount, some might vary depending on rental car company.
*For more detail on insurance amount, please inquire with rental car staff upon arrival.

Coverage for injury
*Accidental death or injury of other
Unlimited coverage for each person
(Automobile liability insurance included)
Coverage for property damage
*Other car or property damage
30,000,000 yen per accident
(Compensation fees:50,000 yen
Rental car coverage
*Damage of rental car
Actual cash value of the vehicle
(compensation fees 50,000 yen)
*Micro bus, truck, some specific car type
(compensation fees 100,000 yen)
Coverage for passengers
*Injury or death coverage for driver and passenger
Maximum of 30,000,000 yen per person

Insurance coverage is not applicable in following situation:

  • Over above mention coverage limit.
  • Accident that is not reported to the local police
  • Damage that is not included in insurance coverage:
    1. An accident caused intentionally
    2. Flat tire
    3. Lost of hub caps
    4. Damage or ruin of car interior
    5. Lost of equipment ,etc
  • Action against rental car agreement
    1. Drinking and driving
    2. Driving recklessly
    3. Influence of drugs
    4. unauthorized extension of your rental period
    5. Hit and run accident
    6. A driver unauthorized by the rental car company
    7. Renting car to other, etc
  • Irresponsible actions
    1. Damgaing car interior
    2. Thievery due to unlocked doors
    3. Parking at illegal parking lot
    4. Other harassment
    5. Wrong gasoline at self-gas station
    6. Car key lost,etc

Customer's responsible payment

【Compensation Coverage】
If you do not have Compensation Coverage, you will be require to pay compensation fees.
*ToCoo! Do not cover compensation fees.
*Compensation coverage is recommended
*You can add it when booking or directly at rental car outlet.
*Compensation coverage detail might vary depending on rental car company.
*More detail information, please inquire with rental car staff upon arrival.

【N.O.C.(Non-Operation Charge)】
If you book a car via ToCoo!, T.A.S.(ToCoo! Additional Support) is mandatory for your booking(there is no exception).
N.O.C is 100% covered by ToCoo! Additional Support.
Also, for tire damages, flat tires, damage to the interiors, lost of equipment or lost of car keys, will be all covered by ToCoo!.
*In case of an accident, please pay the necessary N.O.C. fee first at the car rental outlet.
(Able to drive: 20,000 yen to 50,000 yen
Unable to drive: 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen)
Afterwards, please contact ToCoo! via inquiry form for the coverage process.

Compensation Coverage With Coverage Without Coverage
Compensation fees for property damage 0 yen 50,000 yen
Compensation fees for rental car 0 yen 50,000 yen - 100,000 yen
NOC Able to drive:0 yen Able to drive:0 yen
Not able to drive:0 yen Not able to drive:0 yen
Cost for flat tire, tire damage, etc 0 yen 0 yen