ToCoo! Wide Support(T.W.S.)

ToCoo! Wide Support (T.W.S.) is an original service from ToCoo! that includes ToCoo! Additional Support (T.A.S.) and travel accident compensation.


  • ToCoo! Wide Support (T.W.S.) is required when booking the Free Overnight Hotel Stay Plan.
  • You cannot apply for ToCoo! Wide Support (T.W.S.) at the rental car outlet.
    Please see fees for each option in the reservation form.

Customer's contribution amount in case of rental car trouble

T.A.S.(Compensate for N.O.C.&Towing Fee)

In case of accident when compensation coverage is not included in the reservation, the non-operation charge (N.O.C.) is 0 yen. In addition, we will cover up to 100,000 yen (tax included) for towing fees if the vehicle cannot be driven. However, the compensation fee must be paid at the rental car outlet.
T.A.S. + Compensation Coverage:
For those who add on Compensation Coverage & those who book the Full Coverage Plan, the customer burden is 0 yen. In addition, we will cover up to 100,000 yen (tax included) for towing fees if the vehicle cannot be driven.
  • T.A.S. is an abbreviation for ToCoo! Additional Support.
  • N.O.C. is an abbreviation for non-operation charge. Non operation charge is the amount the customer pays to the rental car company as "compensation for leave of absence" during the repair period when repair or cleaning is required due to accident or breakdown etc.
  • The compensation fee is the amount of money that the customer must pay in case of destroying the vehicle by an accident or property damage.
  • Compensation coverage is the rental car company's system in which you are exempted from paying property and vehicle damage compensation in the event of a car accident or trouble.
*Since the applicable scope of the compensation coverage differs depending on the rental car company, please check the rental terms of each company for more details.

N.O.C. and Towing Fee Compensation Application

Only N.O.C. fees and towing fees due to the accident are eligible for compensation.

  • You will need to sign an accident report issued by the rental car company.
  • If the accident report has not been issued (the car rental outlet does not recognize as an accident), the compensation application cannot be accepted.
  • You must submit the application within 60 days of the rental car return date.

When the N.O.C. fee occurs

When retuning the car, you will need to sign an accident report issued by the rental car company. It is not necessary to pay the N.O.C. fee at the car rental outlet.

ToCoo! will pay the N.O.C. fee to car rental outlet, after we received the accident report (with customer's signature) from the rental car outlet.

If you pay the N.O.C. fee on the rental car outlet, the compensation procedure is the same as the compensation procedure for towing fees below.

When the Towing Fee occurs

Only towing fees that occured with N.O.C. fees are eligible for compensation.

Some car rental companies or outlets may require you to pay the towing fee. When you return the car, please be sure to sign the accident report issued by the rental car outlet.

Please inquire about the compensation procedure from the inquiry form as soon as possible after return the car. We will send you an email with details on the compensation procedure.

After confirming your receipt and the accident report issued by the rental car company, if it is accepted as the same case, we will remit the towing fee to your specified account.

In order to submit the compensation application, you will need to attach the towing fee receipt when you reply to our email, so you must keep your receipts.

We cannot accept applications for the following cases

  • The N.O.C. fees and towing fees in case the accident occured without rental car outlet's recognition and no accident report issued
  • The towing fees that incurred without N.O.C. fees
  • Smoking in a non-smoking car
  • Filling up with an incorrect fuel type
  • Intentionally damaging or dirtying the car
  • An accident caused by driving in areas that require winter equipment (winter tires or tire chains) without reserving winter equipment
  • Breaching the terms stated in the rental car company's lease agreement
  • Tire repair, tire loss, or tire replacement
  • Battery change, charging, or other related services
  • Locking the keys in the car, key loss or replacement
  • Any other service that is not towing fees or non-operation charge as paid to the rental car company


This compensation service is based on a liability insurance contract signed by ToCoo. Please agree to the terms below.

  1. If ToCoo! receives a claim for N.O.C. fees from the rental car company, we will claim the insurance money from the contracted insurance company according to the liability insurance contract.
  2. You agree that ToCoo! will pay the N.O.C. fee and the towing fee to the rental car company on your behalf.
  3. It will be considered that you understand and agree to the above article 1 and 2 that if you signed the accident report issued by the rental car company.

Travel Accident Compensation

Within the period of rental car use, the maximum compensation ToCoo! will pay for sudden unexpected accidents (including the time spent outside of the rental car but within the rental period) resulting in death reparations, hospitalization, outpatient care (such as physical disability), solatium, et cetera, separate from any insurance money from a car rental company, is up to 15 million yen. Please read further details in the "Standard Form Travel Agent Contract-Subscription Type Package Tour Contract Section"

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