About Us

We offer car rental booking service with hundreds of outlets throughout Japan of various car rental brands.
Our team consists of diligent and highly-skilled staff who provide quick and reliable service that satisfies our customers.
Our customers include not only residents of Japan, but also customers from all over the world, including tourists, business travelers, diplomats,
athletes, scientists, media staff, military, and more.
Our system is efficient and secure, and we have experience accommodating many thousands of international customers.
ToCoo! is confident that we can make your trip even more wonderful with our service.

  • 2,888 outlets from 54 car rental brands available
  • Airport outlets at 56 major International/Domestic Airports available
  • Outlets at 72 major Shinkansen stations available
Company Name COOCOM CO.,LTD.
Registration Tokyo Governor Registration 2-4981
Location CENTRAL PARK TOWER La Tour SHINJUKU 405, Nishi-shinjuku 6-15-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
President Takao Ushida
Founded 15th May 1998
Capital 100,000,000 Yen
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