English GPS

The below rental car companies offer English GPS rental.

  • Nissan Rent a Car

    Nissan[ALL outlets]

  • NIPPON Rent a Car


  • HONDA Rent a Car


  • Toyota

    Toyota[3 areas]

  • JR Kyushu

    JR Kyushu[Kyushu]

  • Budget


  • ABC


  • Times

    Times[ALL outlets]

Important Notes:

  • Advanced reservation for English GPS is required.
  • Requests made upon arrival cannot be accepted, even for the brands listed.
  • Brands not listed above do NOT accept any requests for English GPS.

English GPS Example

This is just an EXAMPLE of a GPS with English voice guidance.
You may receive a different type of English GPS.

GPS Screen Guide

GPS Screen Guide
  • 目的地検索: Search and Set the destination
  • 名称50音: Set destination by name of the destination
  • 自宅: Set destination to Original Home address
  • 登録地: Set destination from the registered locations
  • 住所:Set destination by address
  • 電話番号:Set destination by phone number
  • 周辺施設:Set destination from nearby locations
  • 目的地履歴:Set destination to the previous destination
  • ルート:Choose the route to the destination
  • 情報:Information about nearby locations
  • 設定:Screen and GPS settings
  • 明るさ:Screen brightness

Important Notes:

This is just an example of a typical type of GPS.

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