Illegal Parking

Illegal Parking

Illegal parking is strictly prohibited in Japan.
Please be sure to refrain from parking illegally.
If you park illegally, please be sure to follow the proper procedure.

Illegal Parking Police Notification

You will be notified of illegal parking by a police officer directly, or by an illegal parking sticker placed on the car.

Go immediately to Police Station!

If you park illegally, you must go immediately to the designated police station and follow the required procedure.

1. Pay the fine

You must immediately pay the fine by the designated payment method.

2. Keep the documents and the receipt of the fine

Please be sure to present all documents from the police, and the receipt of the paid fine when you return the car at the outlet.

If you do not follow the required procedure or pay the fine

If you cannot present the police documents and receipt of fine payment, you will be charged an Illegal Parking penalty fee by the rental car outlet.

If you do not pay the penalty fee

If you do not pay the penalty fee, you will be registered on the list of the All Japan Car Rental Company Association for violation of Japanese law and the rental contract.
You will not be able to rent a car again from any car rental company in Japan.

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