Snow tire plan

Snow tire has the best effect when driving on a snowy/icy road.
Be sure to have a car with snow tires when going to areas if there is a possibility of snow.

Snow tires are regularly equipped with all cars in snowy areas.
(Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Yamanashi, Nagano and so on).

*** NIPPON Rent A Car Snow Tire Plan -until 31/3/2018- ***
[Privilege] All cars come with snow tires and Multilingual voice GPS
[Car class]
S-S(Fit, etc)・S-A(Corolla, etc)・W-A(Stepwgn, etc)・W-C(Alphard, etc)・J-I(LEVORG, etc)・E-J(Vezel hybrid, etc)・W-H(Wish, etc)・W-S(Odyssey, etc)
<Chiba>············Narita Airport   <from 1/12/2017>
<Tokyo>············All outlets in Tokyo.  <from 1/12/2017>
<Kanagawa>·········Yokohama Station East Exit, Yokohama Eki West, Shin Yokohama Ekimae, Odawara Ekimae West <from 1/12/2017>
<Shizuoka>············Gotemba Ekimae   <from 15/12/2017>
<Aichi>············Chubu International Airport, Nagoya Station, Nagoya Kanayama, Nagoya Imaike, Nagoya Sakae, Nagoya Fushimi, Shin Nagoya Musical Theatre   <from 15/12/2017>
<Osaka>············Kansai Airport, Namba Eki South  <from 17/12/2017>
<Fukuoka>··········Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Eki    <from 22/12/2017>

*** Samurai Rent A Car Snow Tire Plan <~31/Mar.2018>***
[Privilege]All cars come with snow tires and Multilingual voice GPS.
[Car class]C1(Vitz,etc)・SW2(PRIUS)・SW3(WISH,etc)・W1(NOAHetc)・W4(Hiace Wagon,etc)・V1(AD Van ,etc)・V3(NV 200 ,etc)
<Chiba>············Narita Airport

*** Nissan Rent a Car Snow Tire Plan <~31/Mar./2018>***
[Privilege]All cars come with snow tires and Multilingual voice GPS
[Car class]P-2(Note,etc)・P-4(Tida,etc)・P-5(Wingroad, etc)・W-4(Serena,etc)・RV-1(X-trail,etc)
<Chiba>Narita Airport <Tokyo>Tokyo Station・Haneda Airport・Shinjyuku Station ,etc <Kanagawa>Yokohama Station・Kawasaki Station ,etc <Aichi>Chubu International Airport・Nagoya Station ,etc <Kyoto>Kyoto Station ,etc <Osaka>Kansai Airport・Namba OCAT・Umeda Maru Building ,etc <Nara>Nara Station <Hyogo>Kobe <Hiroshima>Hiroshima Airport・Hiroshima Station ,etc <Okayama>Okayama Airport・Okayama Station <Takamatsu>Takamatsu Airport <Matsuyama>Matsuyama Airport <Kochi>Kochi Airport <Fukuoka>Fukuoka Airport・Hakata Station ,etc <Nagasaki>Nagasaki Airport <Kumamoto>Kumamoto Airport・Kumamoto Station <Miyazaki> Miyazaki Airport <Kagoshima>Kagoshima Airport・Kagoshima Station

*** Budget Car Rental Snow Tire Plan<~31/Mar.2018>***
[Privilege]All cars come with snow tires.
[Car class]JSS(Passo,etc)・JS(Vits,etc)・JA(Corolla,etc)・MV(Wish,etc)・WA(Stepwgn,etc)
<Fukuoka>·······Fukuoka Airport・Hakata sta・Kitakyusyu Airport・Kokura sta, etc <from 1/12/2017>
<Saga>··········Saga sta <from 1/12/2017>
<Nagasaki>······Nagasaki Airport・Nagasakibentencho, etc <from 1/12/2017>
<Oita>··········Oita Airport・Oita <from 1/12/2017>
<Kumamoto>······Kumamoto Airport・Kumamoto <from 1/12/2017>
<Miyazaki>······Miyazaki Airport・Miyazaki <from 1/12/2017>
<Kagoshima>·····Kagoshima Airport・Kagoshimachuo sta・Kagoshimakencho <from 1/12/2017>