ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan(TEP)

ToCoo! Expressway Pass Plan

Enjoy unlimited use of expressways, for one fixed price!

【Advantage of TEP】
1. Unlimited use of expressways, for one fixed price from 2 days to maximum 14 days!
2. You do not speak Japanese at tollgates.
3. You can save your time!

It will be available from 80 days before your return date and your pickup date has to be at least 5 days from today.

【Target section】
Every expressway except Hokkaido and Okinawa

【Car brand】
Nissan Rent A Car / BUDGET Rent A Car / Times car Rental / Nippon Rent A Car 

*You can not extend the renting period during your trip.
*We will charge you regular toll fee after the expiration date. (Maximum 14 days/TEP)
*ToCoo! ETC card is MUST.
*You can not lend ETC card to others.
*The toll fee which the other person used will be charged on your registered credit card.
*ToCoo! will not bear full responsibility for the traffic restrictions by road administrators.
*Reservation can submit latest by 5 days before pick up date.

2 Days: 5,000 yen (2,500 yen/1Day)
3 Days: 6,400 yen (2,133 yen/1Day)
4 Days: 7,800 yen (1,950 yen/1Day)
5 Days: 9,200 yen (1,840 yen/1Day)
6 Days: 10,600 yen (1,766 yen/1Day)
7 Days: 12,000 yen (1,714 yen/1Day)
8 Days: 13,400 yen (1,675 yen/1Day)
9 Days: 14,800 yen (1,644 yen/1Day)
10 Days: 16,200 yen (1,620 yen/1Day)
11 Days: 17,600 yen (1,600 yen/1Day)
12 Days: 19,000 yen (1,583 yen/1Day)
13 Days: 20,400 yen (1,569 yen/1Day)
14 Days: 21,800 yen (1,557 yen/1Day)

*Including registration fee: 3,600 yen

【ETC card Rental Fee】
324 yen/per day
*For the customers renting the ETC card, a deposit(15,000 yen) will be required.
(We release the deposit after we receive the ETC card back from you.)
ETC card rental policy

【TEP Total Fee】
TEP fee + ETC card rental fee = TEP total fee
(e.g.) If you book TEP plan for 2 days:
5,000 yen + 648 yen = 5,648 yen

A ToCoo! option fee will be charged to your registered credit card when the reservation is completed. It is including a TEP fee and an ETC card rental fee.