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Chiba prefecture spreads to the Boso peninsula in eastern Kanto. Chiba prefecture is home to Narita famous for the airport and the shrine, Kujukuri beach, which extend 60 kilometers, among others.Chiba prefecture is famous as a spot where you can enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers throughout the year because of its mild climate. The biggest theme park in Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort which spreads at the prefectural border of Tokyo, enjoy the visit of many tourists from all over the world.

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Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea, Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Inubozaki Lighthouse, Sawara, National Museum of Japanese History, Kamogawa Sea World, Funabashi Andersen Park, Saowama Nihonji Temple Nokogiriyama Nihon-ji temple observation platform, Onjuku Beach, Umihotaru

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