English GPS

We offer English voice guidance and Japanese monitor GPS for below listed car rental brands.

* Advanced reservation of English speaking GPS is necessary to have it.
* Any request upon arrival can not be accepted even for these listed brands.
* Other brands not listed above do NOT accept any request for English GPS.

Example of English voice GPS

This is just an EXAMPLE of GPS with English voice guidance.
There is a case you have the different type one.

GPS monitor guide

  • GPS monitor guide
  • GPS monitor guide
  1. 目的地検索: Search and Set the destination
  2. 名称50音: Set the destination by the name of the destination
  3. 自宅: Set the destination to Original Home address
  4. 登録地: Set the destination from the registered locations
  5. 住所:Set the destination by the address
  6. 電話番号:Set the destination by the phone number
  7. 周辺施設:Set the destination by nearby locations
  8. 目的地履歴:Set the destination by the previous destination
  9. ルート:Choose the route to the destination
  10. 情報:Information of nearby locations
  11. 設定:Setting of monitor and GPS
  12. 明るさ:Brightness of the monitor

That is just only an example of typical type of GPS.