How to drive

Keep to the left.

The most different part of driving in Japan and your country, which is "keep to the left" and "right hand driving".

Red signal means STOP.

All traffic must stop at the red signal.
"A GREEN ARROW" signal means Green Light for the indicated direction.

Illegal parking is strictly prohibited.

If you cause illegal parking, you must take proper procedure and pay the fine.

STOP before crossing railway crossing.

You must make a temporary stop before crossing the railway.

Child seat is necessary when you drive with child under 6years old.

In case you do not use child seat, it is against the law.

All of the passengers must fasten seat belt.

Not only driver, but also all the passengers must fasten seat belt.

Drunken driving is strictly prohibited.

Do not drive a car if you had consumed any alcohol.

Cell phone on driving is prohibited.

Do not drive a car while using cell phone.

Bicycles shares the road with cars.

Drivers should pay extra attention for cyclist while driving.Not only giving extra room, but should always care for cyclist, even you do not see him/her.

Correct grade of fuel must be filled to the car.

There are 3 kinds of gasoline in Japan, Regular, Premium, Diesel. Incorrect grade fuel breaks the car. Be sure to check the gasoline grade before filling.

Car speed are shown by kilometers, not miles.

There are 3 kinds of toll gate of Expressway.

Be sure to check which gate you must enter, from Only ETC, Only without ETC, Both are O.K.

Stop sign in Japan

There will be a red triangle sign says "Stop", it means you have to make a total stop for few seconds and make sure if it is safe to proceed.

Avoid using horn

Only sound the horn if necessary. Please do not sound the horn if there is already a heavy traffic.