How to return the car

Must Keep the scheduled return time.

Please consider drive plan on the day of car return to keep the return time.

Full-fill gasoline to the car.

Please keep the receipt of gasoline, and present it when you return the car.


The quality and grade of fuel must be met for the requirements on the refill at gas-station (Diesel must not be in gasoline car).
Unless you keep it, the car will be seriously damaged or out of order.
In this case, penalty charge and other incurred fee will be charged on you.

Come to the scheduled return outlet by the scheduled return time.

You can not change the return outlet even if you are late for the closure time.
You can not leave the car without confirmation of the outlet staff.

Check the car and gasoline meter with staff.

gas meter

Pay the additional fee/penalty if it is incurred.

There is no refund even if you return the car earlier than the scheduled return time.
(cancellation charge will offset the fee for the term you do not use)