Reservation Steps

Step 1; Find your best car by search menu

You can find your best car with its price by our various Search menu;

  • -By Date
  • -By Map
  • -By Airport
  • -By Outlet
  • -By Car Renal Brand
  • -By Train Station
  • -By Hotel

On the result of Search, ONLY vacant cars are shown with their price.
You can also check the total cost including insurance, option and tax.

Find your best car by search menu

Step 2; Add option

If you find the best car for you, please click BOOK NOW button.
You can add options referring the simulated price.

Add option

Step 3; Application Form

Fill the required information in the application form.
If all the required information is not filled, booking can not be processed.
The confirmation mail will be sent only to the registered E-mail address.
Please be sure to fill CORRECT E-mail address.

Step 4; Check the booking information and the conditions of ToCoo reservation

You can check the booking information again and should accept terms and conditions of ToCoo reservation, before submitting the application.
If you accept all the conditions, please click BOOK NOW button to secure your reservation.

Step 5; Confirmed E-mail

After complete the booking, we will send you the confirmed mail to the registered E-mail address.
In case you do not have any confirmed mail from ToCoo, please contact us via Inquiry Form.
Please be sure to check your E-mail box that the confirmed mail from ToCoo has been received.

Step 6; Checking your booking on ToCoo website

You can check your reservation on ToCoo website using your reservation number and password in View/Cancel a Reservation.
In case you can not log-in this page, please contact us via Inquiry Form. *Reservation number and password are in the Confirmed mail.

Step 7; Alteration

If you would like to alter the condition of the reservation, please cancel it, and book again with updated conditions.
*NOTE: Be aware that the car for new application or the cancelled reservation might sold out. We can not promise to rebook the cancelled car for you.

Step 8; Come to the outlet

Visit the outlet taking the valid Credit card, National drivers license, International drivers license (or Alternative for drivers of some countries) and Passport with you.
After registration, you will have the car from the outlet.

Step 9; Return the car

Before return the car, you should fill up the tank at gas station nearby the outlet then return the car to the outlet at the scheduled return time.

Step 10; Check-out of car rental

Outlet staff will check the fuel meter and the car conditions.
In case there are any extra charges(including penalty charge), please pay according to the contract.