Terms and Conditions


The car rental agreement is between you (the driver) and the car rental company.
Please be sure to confirm the rental contract when you pick up the car.


At the time of rental, a valid driver's license must be presented at your pick-up location.

Payment of Rental Rates

Full payment of the rental rates, the amount mentioned in the email sent to you, must be made at the outlet or when you making the reservation. If incurred afterward, payment of any other charges/penalty, such as late fees, fuel charge and drop-off charge, must be made at the time you return the vehicle.

Credit card payment is necessary for ToCoo reservation.

Late CHarge

If you need to extend your rental period, you must call the outlet in advance to arrange for an extension of the rental period.   Payment of late charge must be made at the time when you return the vehicle.   Note there will be a penalty charge if you delayed your return date without informing the car rental company.

Drop-off Charge

Drop off must be made by the advanced request.   Drop off can not be made without advanced confirmation of the car rental company.   Drop off charge according to the distance between pick up location and the return location is required.

Nissan Car Rental
Drop-off location Distance from the pick-up location
Within 50km Within 100km Every additional 50km
Vehicle Class Passenger Cars, Mini-vans 3,200 yen 6,500 yen 2,500 yen
Wagons 4,800 yen 8,000 yen 2,500 yen

Free Drop-off Areas

If your pick-up and return locations are located in the same prefecture, no drop-off charge will apply.
(not applicable in Hokkaido and Okinawa)
* Pre-arrangement is required for dropping off your rental car.

This table is just an outlook of Drop off charge.
There may be a case actual Drop off charge is altered.

Cancellation while rental

If you need to return the vehicle earlier than your return date/time for any reason, contact the return location in advance to arrange for the return.
The unused rental period will not be refunded, since it should be offset against the cancellation fee.


- In the event of an accident, the coverage period is limited to 180 days from the date of the accident.   Please note that the insurance coverage will not apply if you fail to obtain an accident report issued by the local police or if the accident is not covered by your insurance policy.

- You are responsible for costs incurred to repair and/or replace flat tires, dead battery, etc.

- Your cell phone number is to be registered for making a rental reservation.

- Make sure to be on time for your car pick-up.   Call your rental company when you become aware of a delay in picking up your car.

- In the event of accident affair, the parts of driver's personal privacy may be disclosed to the third party for resolution of problems.

- We email and email magazine and advertising, etc from our web site.

Prohibited matters

When you use our service,you must not do the following or similar behavior.
We may cancel your reservation if we find such a unfair practice.

  1. Practices using our service or website with dishonest perpose.
  2. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as trademark right, copy right and patent right,
    amd right of likeness and right of publicity of our company, our business partners and third parties.
  3. Practices to destroy right, honor and trust of our company, business partners and third parties and also violate plivaciy.
  4. Practices connecting with a crime such as scam.
  5. Practices using our service and website spoofing somebody else.
  6. Practices erasing or tampering with information of our company, business partners and third parties.
  7. Practices using illigally the facilities or infringe operation of them of our company, business partners and third parties.
  8. Practices violate laws, these regulations, and public order and morality.
  9. Practice to interfere with the operation of our service or website.
  10. Practice using our website or service for commercial purposes and some other purpose not for yourselves.
  11. Practice to profit anti-social forces and etc.
  12. Practice that our company determindes to be inappropriate.

Discontinuation and interruption of service.

Our company may discontinue or interrupt a part or a whole of this service in the following cases.
We would not be responsible even if disadvantage or damage occurs because of these discontinuation or interruption.
(Except for the cases when our company owes willfulness or gross nrgligence. )

  1. The maintenance of the service of this system is done regularly or urgently.
  2. The telecommunications operators discontinue telecommunications services.
  3. This service can no longer provided as usual by war, riot, civil commotion, labor disputes,
    earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, communications equipment fire, power failure,
    contamination by computer virus and any other emergency,
  4. Temporary interruption of this service is difficult to avoid brcause the operation is done below the usual state of the art.