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Hyogo prefecture is bathed by the sea on the north and south. The prefectural capital of Kobe city is a bustling city, that has flourished as the gateway to the Kansai region. The night view from Rokko Hill is said by many to be worth a billion dollars because of its beauty. In the prefecture, there are Himeji-jo Castle, the first beautiful World Heritage Site in Japan, and a 1,300-year-old hot spring such as Aoma Onsen and Kusaki Onsen. In addition, Kobe beef is Japan's most famous and cattle brand.

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Himeji Castle, Takeda Castle Ruins, Kitano-Cho(Ijin-kan), Izushi Castle old town, Horaikyo, Kinosaki Hot Spring, Rokko Mountain, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Hanshin Koshien Stadium, Nunobiki Waterfall

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