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During the Edo period, Nagasaki Prefecture was the only base for foreign trade; since then, Nagasaki has become a prefecture full of exoticism mixed with Japanese, Western and Chinese culture. In Nagasaki city there are many popular spots such as Glover Garden, Chinatown, and Inasama, making it a base for sightseeing. Sasebo in the prefecture northwest, you can enjoy many hot springs, you can also enjoy the lovely sights of Shimabara Peninsula in the eastern part of the prefecture, centering on Unzen Volcano.

<Recommended sightseeing spots>
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Inasayama, Gunkan-Jima, Glover Garden, Peace Park, Dejima, Meganebashi, oura Church, HUIS TEN BOSCH, Shimabara Castle, Kameyamashachu Museum

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