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Tottori prefecture faces the Japan Sea in the eastern part of Japan. In Tottori there are many interesting places, such as the biggest sand dune"Tottori sand dunes", Mt. Misasa hot spring known as the world's leading radium spa in the middle, Yonago city is the prefecture's second largest city, the city is famous for crab boasts being 6th largest landing capacity in the country, and in recent years it is also attracting attention as the home of Shigeru Mizuki, the original author of "Gegege no Kitaro".

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Tottori Sand Dunes, The Sand Museum, Shigeru Mizuki Road, Tottori castle ruins, Jinpukaku, Oyama, Mitokusan Sanbutsu-ji temple Nageire-do, Hakuto coast, Eshima Ohashi, Tottori Hanakairo

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