Wi-Fi Rental

Wi-Fi Rental

Pick Up & Return Method

1. Order 2. Delivery 3. Receive package from airport counter or hotel 4. Get connected 5. Return the package 6. Thank you!

Benefits for rental car users
  • Insurance Plan
Lighting internet speed!Can connect by using USB
Maximum download speed 165Mbps
Maximum upload speed 37.5Mbps
Coverage Area All of Japan
Battery Up to 10 hours of continuous use
Weight About 120g (including battery)

> Expand Pocket WiFi Specs

Size and Weight
(with battery)
Height 57 mm (2.24 inches)
Width 91 mm (3.58 inches)
Depth 14.7 mm (0.58 inches)
Weight 118 g (0.26 pounds)
Communication System 4G:FDD-LTE(900/1700/2100)/AXGP(2500)
Display 2.4 inches, QVGA, color touchscreen
Battery Capacity 2400 mAh
Maximum working time 10 hours
Maximum standby time 600 hours while Wi-Fi is off
External Interface USB 2.0
Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE 802.11g/n
Wi-Fi Connection Number Up to 10 simultaneous users/devices

Rental Policy

Rental Fees (plus tax)

1 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days
499 yen 998 yen 1,497 yen 1,996 yen 2,495 yen 2,994 yen 3,493 yen 3,992 yen
9 to 30 days:4,491 yen (plus tax)
  • Including internet connection fees and rental fees.
  • Rental fees will be required even if not used the Wi-Fi device.
  • Registration fee of 500 yen (plus tax) will be required.
  • Mailing fees (both way) 1,000 yen/per device (Plus tax) will be charged with the rental fees.
    *If renting ETC card together, mailing fees will beFREE!
  • Please return it to the airport counter. If it is difficult, you can return it by mail. In this case, please apply us in advance.
  • In case late return, late return fees 1,200 yen/ day (plus tax) will be charged.

Insurance Plan (Included with Rental)

Coverage for compensation fees in case the device is broken.

Water exposure coverage Can have free replacement if the rented device is not function due to water or liquid exposure.
Coverage for damage to the device In case the device is damaged during the rental period, usually there will be repair fees required. This can be covered by the insurance plan too.
Device lost Coverage In case the device is lost, replacement fees will be required.
With this insurance, can have 20% off the replacement fees.
*Without insurance plan, you will be responsible to pay for the 100% of the compensation fees.

Prices of the rental parts
Pocket WiFi GL10P device 43,800 yen (plus tax)
AC adapter 2,016 yen (plus tax)
micro USB cable 1,785 yen (plus tax)
battery pack 3,003 yen (plus tax)

During Rental Period

Wi-Fi return date will be the same as the return date for rental car. Please be sure to return before the last collecting time of the post box. If it is after the last collecting time, it will be counted as return next day.

*Before/after or during rental car rental period, Wi-Fi router pick up or return is NOT possible.

About Pick Up

You can pick up Wi-Fi device from your arrival airport or the hotel you will be staying at.
We will send it to the selected airport counter or hotel’s check in counter for you.

— 6 of the main international airports —

  • New Chitose Airport
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2
  • Haneda Airport
  • Chubu International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Kagoshima Airport
  • We will send you the location for pick up Wi-Fi device in the confirmation mail.
  • When picking up the device at the counter, please tell them you have a reservation via ToCoo!.
  • When pick up the device, personal identification document like passport is required.
  • Please be aware of the business hours for each airport counter.
  • In case pick up from hotel or other location, please ask front desk for the package.
  • When making the reservation, please enter hotel name, address and telephone number.
  • In case the package is lost due to incorrect hotel information, compensation fees will be charged.

Check the package

Pocket WiFi GL10P AC adapter micro USB cable Battery pack
Pocket WiFi GL10P AC adapter micro USB cable Battery pack

Package will also including Wi-Fi user guide and envelope for returning the package.

Please turn on the power of the device, you can connect your smartphone or computer to start using internet.

After turn on the device, please select the device Wi-Fi in your mobile device, after entered passwords, you will be connected to the internet. You can also see “Wi-Fi Starter Guide” included in the package.

Starting date

  • Device will be checked and charged before sending to you.
  • Wi-Fi rental period is the same length as car rental period.
  • The data for the pocket WiFi is unlimited!
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